MIDV-258 Raped a beautiful swimming teacher

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Even though she has white skin and an extremely plump body that makes many men crave it, Sakura Miura still goes to the swimming center to train her body's flexibility. Name The eager teacher noticed Miura from the moment she walked in. He secretly watched her change clothes and planned to seduce his white student. When Miura started Entering the shower room was when the perverted teacher began to carry out his plan. He came from behind and hugged her and said that he would teach her warm-up techniques and get used to the water before Swimming. But I couldn't find the swimming technique anywhere, I only saw the teacher showing off his excellent lovemaking skills, making the student writhe with joy. And so instead of learning to swim, Miura had a happy lovemaking session with her prostitute.

MIDV-258 Raped a beautiful swimming teacher

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