SNIS-990 Marry your wife and let your children fuck you

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Although her parents strongly objected, Meguri still decided to marry an older man with children. Her husband's son was Takeshi, a shy child. In the early days, it was very difficult for her to start a conversation with Takeshi, but after Saki Okuda's efforts, she became closer and closer to him and the two gradually talked more to each other. Even so Saki Okuda also wants to have a child with her husband, she really wants to, but because her husband is busy working, her wish has not yet been fulfilled. She also didn't know that her husband's son was not as obedient as she imagined. He has been lusting after her beautiful body for a long time. One day her husband was busy with work so he couldn't come home. She carelessly changed clothes in front of Takeshi, causing him to not be able to stand it anymore and take a risk. He immediately controlled her and made love to her. After that time, he continued to make love to her no matter how much she refused. And every time he ejaculated inside Saki Okuda Even though he knew this was It was wrong, but the feeling of joy when having sex with Takeshi made Saki Okuda unforgettable. The two continued this relationship until a year later, when she became pregnant...

SNIS-990 Marry your wife and let your children fuck you

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