You have to suck cock to fix your car

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Angela White is smoking hot and Damion Dayski knows much so that he can't help but follow her hypnotized ass to her car. After accidentally startling Angela, Damion becomes even more attracted to her perfect big natural breasts, not to mention her flirtatious banter. Angela takes control of the situation by giving Damion a blowjob and a sloppy tit-fuck through the car window, then she invites him inside for a ride. From there, they go to Angela's mansion, get over her oblivious husband, and start making love, only to be interrupted by the calm housekeepers, which gives Angela a chance to show off her skills. His lovemaking and multitasking skills. A smooth pick-up ends with Damion captured and chased around, but Angela, always in control, just slips away in her hot ride.

You have to suck cock to fix your car

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