Caught a girl red-handed who likes to masturbate

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Leana Lovings is a cute, petite brunette with a wet pussy in need of orgasm. As she reached for her trusty vibrator, the battery ran out at the wrong time. Leana decided to check her surroundings for new powers. She goes to the garage of her new stepfather, Filthy Rich. After discovering there is no battery, she tracks down a large cache and realizes that the people on duty cannot be the chosen ones. Leana had to polish her muffin so it was shiny and wet. Suddenly, the garage door opened. Leana runs away without forgetting her new BFF cachet. Rich checked his power tools and felt something was wrong. He goes to Leana's room to see what's going on. Leana quickly hid her tools and appeared innocent. After a mild scolding, Leana had to take her own life by giving herself a life-altering procedure to her new vagina. It didn't take Rich long to realize that the sound he was hearing wasn't a new woodworking project. He sneaked into Leana's room to see what was going on and couldn't believe his eyes. Rich just wants his tools back, but Leana is more interested in the hard hammer he has in his pants.

Caught a girl red-handed who likes to masturbate

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