JUL-730 My lustful aunt

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During the summer of my third year of college, because I always only wanted to study, my mother took me to live at my uncle's house in the countryside for a week. In the countryside, I was warmly welcomed by my patriarchal uncle and his wife, Aunt Ririko. My uncle is an extremely patriarchal person, often scolding and forcing my aunt to do one thing after another. Aunt Ririko is a responsible woman, good at housework, and pure. My mother said that to be able to endure my uncle's personality, she is not a mortal, but an angel descending from above. But that angel image of her was broken when I discovered a secret of hers. When my uncle went to work, a man came to see her. I peeked from the top of the stairs and clearly saw her "joking" with the other man. She's nothing more than a lustful whore who likes to sadistic others! And she also discovered that I had seen everything. That night, my aunt proactively approached me, wearing a seductive lingerie that made me unable to take my eyes off her! "I can let you "graduate" from being a virgin. I can let you experience the best feeling of this life." And then my first time was with my own beautiful aunt, this was also the first time I knew the ultimate pleasure of sex. It turns out that in this life, there are many things I don't know, and my aunt is the one who will "guide" me...

JUL-730 My lustful aunt

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