ABW-353 My beautiful colleague

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Today I went to the party to welcome new employees to the company. I don't drink much alcohol, but because it was a happy day, I drank a little. I was so happy that I didn't pay attention to the clock and missed the last train. While planning to go to an inn to sleep over, Nonoura - a beautiful new female employee who had just graduated from the company - approached and said, "Do you want to spend the night at my house?". Even though she knew she shouldn't, Nao kept persuading me and I agreed. I told myself I would just sleep overnight and do absolutely nothing! But my reason is not as strong as I imagined. Looking at Nonoura in thin clothes and no underwear made her breasts appear before my eyes. When she wanted to do it with me, I couldn't resist and made love all night with her even though my girlfriend was at home worrying about me.

ABW-353 My beautiful colleague

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