CEMD-341 The young tutor and the lewd female student

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Misaki Sakura and I have played together for a long time since we were both children, and gradually we started to develop feelings for each other. By the end of high school, I decided to muster all the courage to express my feelings and luckily Misaki Sakura agreed because she also secretly liked me for a long time but never dared to confess. Today is her first birthday since we started our new relationship so I wanted to give her a big surprise. After school, I invited Misaki Sakura to a nearby hotel and bought a cake to celebrate her birthday. Since it was our first birthday together, I wanted to create something memorable for Misaki Sakura. After blowing out the candles, I suddenly carried her to the bed, stripped her of all the clothes on her body, then used my erect penis to continuously fuck her.

CEMD-341 The young tutor and the lewd female student

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