MIDE-103 The young secretary's memorable business trip

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After a tiring day at work, the director and the female secretary rented a hotel together to stay overnight. Unfortunately, the hotel only had one room left, so they both had to live and sleep together there. Although the time spent here was quite short, it was enough for the director to realize the attractiveness and charm of his secretary's plump butt that he had not known for a long time. Waiting for her to fall asleep, he began to use despicable tricks, peeling off every piece of clothing on her body and performing despicable acts. Even though he did it very gently, he still couldn't get through. attracted the attention of lewd secretaries, she already knew this but perhaps because of her lustful personality and feeling lonely, she just silently enjoyed it. These are indeed lustful secretaries and lucky directors.

MIDE-103 The young secretary's memorable business trip

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