Beautiful flight attendants

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Natasha Nice is a loyal, hard-working flight attendant and when you fly with her, you're guaranteed to be satisfied. Just ask pilot Dorian Del Ilsa, whose cock was sucked right before boarding the plane. Mick Blue walked onto the scene and had a bit of a seatbelt problem, Natasha was happy to help. With her tits exposed to Mick, she's ready to take her helping hand to the next level and take his cock out for a fight. Natasha doesn't care about customer service and shows Mick that by allowing him to spank her right there in his chair. When Lumi Ray caught the attention, she was excited to play with her anal watch. Natasha sees that Lumi could use a little help and takes her to the service area for some girl-on-girl scissoring action. Finally, Mick sneaks a peek and the girls drag him in for a fun threesome.

Beautiful flight attendants

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