JRZE-142 The charm of a married woman

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"I want to be stylish as a woman." Aoi Sekiguchi, 40 years old. housewife. 12 years ago, I got married at work and left Kotobuki. She had a child and lived a peaceful life until now, but now that she is over 40, she feels disappointed that she will finally become a woman. I have 3 years of experience. No cheating experience. Married life is just a mission. Even so, I now regret pretending to be satisfied and hiding my desires. Aoi said that she never confessed to her husband that she was actually very amorous. I came to the conclusion that the only way to become sophisticated as a woman is to open up your original self. The first love that the girl lived modestly challenged with the determination to change her life. We invite you to see how to release your secret desires for the first time.

JRZE-142 The charm of a married woman

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